We are a Swiss company whose mission is to help you achieve your performance
and growth objectives, by mastering your risks and projects.  

Risk Management

"To live prudently, without taking risks, is to risk not living"  –  Wladimir Wolf Gozin, French writer

Risks are part of our environment! 
Understanding them helps you make better decisions.
Yodea Solutions helps you analyze your company's risks, set up and adapt your governance and risk management systems, define your risk appetite, and find solutions to reduce the risks you do not want to accept.

Projects Management

2/3 of all projects worldwide fail completely or partially !

Mastery of project management is the key 
to your success!

Yodea Solutions helps you set up a professional project management structure and methodology in order to achieve your cost, deadline and quality objectives, step in as a support on ongoing project, or functions as project manager on mandate.


"Companies set rules – but culture determines how employees follow them" !

Training is at the heart of the culture of your business!
Yodea Solutions helps you to set up or complete the training of your employees in the fields of project management, risk management and human behaviours in the professional context, in order to strengthen your company's culture and prepare your teams to face the next difficulties under the best conditions.


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