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Yodea Solutions proposes the following trainings


Risk Management

Understanding of risk/opportunity concepts, risk appetite/ tolerance, analytical methodologies, standards, prevention, business continuity, insurance.


Project Management

Techniques and tools for project management, design/initiation, definition, planning, execution, controls, closure.


Safety, Security

Safety of buildings and people, occupational health, natural events (fires, floods), building safety, laws and regulations.


Humans behaviours,
Cognitive biases

The term "bias" refers to a systematic deviation of logical and rational thinking from reality.
Cognitive biases lead to different importance being given to facts of the same nature.
This training makes it possible to become aware of these own biases, and is intended for anyone who has to make decisions.

Introduction to Training

The company as an economic entity is called upon during its existence to face frequent changes to ensure its growth and sustainability. It must therefore continuously follow technological developments and maintain a privileged position on the market to face competition, while working on innovation and on an efficient and optimal management of its resources.

These constraints force the company to adapt to its environment. This adaptation cannot be done without taking into account the human factor as a source of development because, unlike the material sources that are consumed by the company's activity, intangible sources also have the particularity of being a factor that is integrated into the product and service sold, that does not disappear, but on the contrary enriches the company's intangible capital through the cumulative effect of experience. 

Employees are encouraged to improve their knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary both to achieve the objectives of the organisation and those they are personally, to adapt to their environment and to perform their current and future tasks.
Training is considered one of the most effective human resources management tools, enabling companies to have a human potential that is constantly at the highest level of the skills necessary for the company to run smoothly.